Gutters and Downspouts

Let’s talk gutters for a moment. Everyone has some idea of what gutters are, but few people understand what gutters mean. What do gutters mean to your home?

Essentially, gutters or eavestroughs are a water displacement system for your home…

That’s just a fancy way of saying “moving water away from where it doesn’t need to be”.

Water may be essential for life, but it does some pretty terrible things to buildings. That’s what a gutter pro protects you from. By adding and maintaining quality gutters and downspouts on a building, you can literally add decades to its lifespan.

What you do with all this water is up to you. Some use a collection system such as a rain barrel to store the water, while others simply direct the flow away from the foundation to a safe place.

There are many different types of gutters and eavestroughs have been made from many kinds of material. The early eavestrough was made of stone, and built right into the masonry of a building. Today, aluminum has become the basic eavestrough of choice, though there are many other material options available.

If you have concerns about the water displacement on a building in your care, speak to someone that knows gutters. You’ll never regret it.

Types of Gutters

Dynamic Gutters has installed gutter systems in a number of styles for clients all over the Greater Vancouver area. So what can we do for you?

In general, we work with three kinds of gutter materials: Aluminum, Copper, and Zinc. The quality of these materials allows us to build superior gutter systems that last a long time.


Though copper and zinc are unpainted products, aluminum gives a number of a painted options, allowing you to select the gutter colour that’s just right for you.


The continuous shape of the eavestrough is defined by the gutter profile. There are several profiles to choose from, and you can see examples of each of those profiles here.

Obsolete gutters:

You may wonder why Dynamic does not list galvanized steel, cast iron, or PVC as a potential gutter material. Frankly, these materials are obsolete.

Steel and cast iron are heavy materials that rust and decay much quicker than the non-ferrous (zero iron) alternatives.

PVC vinyl gutter systems share the same problems with quality, but for separate reasons. Vinyl will sag with age, and gets very brittle from its exposure to the elements.

If we couldn’t trust our materials, how could you be expected to trust us?

Gutter Colours

A lot of thought goes into the colour palette for your home. Gutters can be excellent accents to the finest homes. Thankfully, these days gutters aren’t just functional, they can have great form too! In addition to the Copper and Zinc Gutters there is a wide variety of gutter colours available. Here’s just a small sample of the gutter colours available today:

Gutter Colour Palette

Bright White Gutter Color PaletteCashmere Gutter Color PaletteAlmond Gutter Color PaletteCanyon Clay Gutter Color PaletteWicker Gutter Color Palette

Tan Gutter Color PalettePebble Gutter Color PaletteSable Gutter Color PaletteForest Green Gutter Color PaletteOlde World Blue Gutter Color Palette

Nutmeg Gutter Color PaletteBlack Gutter Color PaletteSeq Moonlitmoss Gutter Color PaletteSlate Gutter Color PaletteSeq Saddle Brown Gutter Color Palette

Seq Dark Drift Gutter Color Palette


Your home has a unique look and feel. Combining one of these gutter profiles with the wide variety of available gutter colours means your home’s unique aesthetic will remain unique!

Gutter Profiles:

Colonial GutterTwo Step GutterCrown Mould Gutter

Super 5 Five Gutter6 Six Inch Colonial Gutter6 Six Inch Colonial Gutter

Gutter Guards

When the rains come down, you don’t want your gutters full of leaves and debris. Pine needles, dead leaves, and dirt will build up over time when allowed, and the resulting blockages can cause real problems for your home.

An overflowing gutter can spill water onto the siding, or foundation of the home. This water will cause real lasting damage if left unchecked. The extra weight of the debris can also damage the gutters themselves, or allow insects and other unsavory pests to build a home.

Regular preventative maintenance can help you to avoid these problems, but not everyone has the time (or the ability) to maintain their gutters regularly. Leaf guards are generally used to guard gutters from the worst elements of debris, but not all gutter covers are built equal.

The Alu-Rex “Gutter Clean System” is a low profile perforated eavestrough cover that adds years to the lifespan of your homes gutters. It is the solution we choose to protect all of our clients.

A gentle 10km/h breeze easily removes the leaves and pine needles collected over the Alu-Rex leafguard. These guards adapt to any gutter (aside from PVC), and are easy to install, saving everyone time and money.

Gutter Warranty

All Dynamic Gutter systems come with a 40 year warranty on materials and a 5 year warranty on labor and installation. The 40 year warranty against corrosion is provided by Alcan – the largest aluminum provider in the world.

CertainTeed Fiber Cement siding comes with a 50 year limited, transferable, manufacturer’s warranty. This includes a 2 year sure start program when your siding is installed by a certified CertainTeed installer. Yes, we’re absolutely certified.

James Hardie fiber cement is built specifically for our climate zone, and comes with a 30 year limited, transferable, non-rated manufacturers warranty.

We want to earn your trust – which is why we are proud to be an “A +” ranked member of the Vancouver Better Business Bureau. While an “A+” ranking is not always a 100% guarantee that you will be dealing with the best company – it does ensure that we take your customer satisfaction seriously. You’re assured of honest, firm pricing – there are no surprises when you receive the bill! And you can have peace of mind knowing that we deliver quality installations and consistent results.

Don’t just take our word for it; see what other happy Dynamic Gutters Customers have to say!

Copper and Zinc Gutters

Copper and Zinc Gutters are some of the most popular materials used in construction today. This is no surprise. Copper and zinc hold a number of advantages for the home.

About Copper Gutters:

The west coast sees a wide range of weather, from hot and sunny days, to freezing cold temperatures (sometimes in the same week). Copper gutters are very resilient, handling extreme weather much better than aluminum or steel gutters ever could.

Copper gutters will not rust, and do not require painting. The initial cost of materials is higher, but the savings on maintenance soon adds up to recover that cost.

The color of copper gutters will start out with a shiny metallic orange, but will develop a dull green patina over time.

About Zinc Gutters:

Like copper, zinc gutters are highly resistant to corrosion and the harsh effects of our coastal climate. Well-maintained zinc gutters can last up to 30 years, and their matte silver finish adds a lot of character to the look of many homes.

Zinc gutters are lightweight, and can be easily manipulated to fit any architectural style.

These brief examples should give you a good idea why copper and zinc are worth your consideration. Still, always discuss your material decisions first with a professional.

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