Commercial Services

Commercial Services

If you have a business to run, you don’t have time to mess around in the gutter.

While gathering the estimates together for your commercial project, be sure to have Dynamic Gutters give you a free consultation, just click on the “get a quote” in the top right of this page. We can provide you with accurate cost estimates, flexible scheduling, and a guarantee on all of our finished work.

Strata and property management companies will appreciate our host of building maintenance services, from sidewalk cleaning and power washing to window cleaning and full service gutter maintenance.

Dynamic Gutters and Exteriors is registered with Worksafe BC, bonded, and fully insured to give you peace of mind at all times during your commercial project in Vancouver.

Gutters and Downspouts

Let’s talk gutters for a moment. Everyone has some idea of what gutters are, but few people understand what gutters mean. What do gutters mean to your home?

Essentially, gutters or eavestroughs are a water displacement system for your home…

That’s just a fancy way of saying “moving water away from where it doesn’t need to be”.

Water may be essential for life, but it does some pretty terrible things to buildings. That’s what a gutter pro protects you from. By adding and maintaining quality gutters and downspouts on a building, you can literally add decades to its lifespan.

What you do with all this water is up to you. Some use a collection system such as a rain barrel to store the water, while others simply direct the flow away from the foundation to a safe place.

Gutters and eavestroughs have been made from many kinds of material. The early eavestrough was made of stone, and built right into the masonry of a building. Today, aluminum has become the basic eavestrough of choice, though there are many other material options available.

If you have concerns about the water displacement on a building in your care, speak to someone that knows gutters. You’ll never regret it.

Get your mind out of the gutter with a free estimate from Dynamic Gutters now, or you can read all about our gutter services here.


In addition to providing you with quality gutter, downpipe, and soffit installation, Dynamic Gutters & Exteriors Ltd. is now pleased to offer siding installation for homes and businesses.
We offer Certainteed siding and James Hardie fiber cement siding products in plank, shingle and panel form. Dynamic Gutters & Exteriors is also proud to be certified by both of these siding material manufacturers as siding installers in Vancouver. In fact, we’re the only company in BC to be certified as siding installers by both companies.

Just like our Gutter installation and repair services, Dynamic Gutters and Exteriors provides free estimates on every job, and we always stand beside our work with an industry leading warranty.

Our work has remained at a consistently high level regardless of the project. It’s something we’re proud of, and something we plan to continue. If you are looking for a better quality siding contractor for your home, why not take a look at the options we can provide you?

New siding provides the home with better insulation, and protection from Mother Nature’s nastier elements. With the incredible return on investment for fiber cement siding products in the housing market, a new siding install could be the best investment you ever make for the home.

Give us a shout if you want to talk Siding, or get a free estimate. Not quite ready to take that leap? You can read all about our Siding Services here.

Window Cleaning

Don’t have time to wash those windows? Why not hire us to take care of it for you?

Dynamic Exteriors offers both exterior and interior window cleaning. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

When it comes to washing windows, we get up close and personal, using manual washing techniques to ensure that your windows are cleaned safely and thoroughly. Though we do have access to power washers for other uses, we insist on giving your windows the proper care and attention they deserve.

Whether you’re a homeowner, or a property manager for multiple units, Dynamic Exteriors guarantees your satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll do it right over again. We simply won’t quit until you’re happy with the job we’ve done.

Dynamic Exteriors is comfortable working on a schedule to maintain clean windows on commercial buildings or apartments. We will schedule your window cleaning at a time that will not interrupt business, or interfere with the lives of your tenants.

Oh, and just in case it’s unclear: Dynamic Exteriors is quite comfortable hand washing the insides of windows as well.

Power Washing

A season of dirt and dust will take the shine away from any well maintained home, or business. No matter how wonderful your choice of paint or siding, the collective dirt and dust in the air is constantly conspiring to ruin that look over time.

Of course, that’s nothing to be worried about. Dirt and dust have always been repelled by soap and water. A little work can quickly return your home or business to being the sparkling gem of the neighbourhood.

With that being said, “a little work” can quickly turn into an enormous undertaking when you don’t have the right tools with you. If you’re looking to spiff up the look of your buildings exterior, give Dynamic Gutters and Exteriors a call. A power washer with the right attachments can do in minutes what would usually take hours.

Power washing is more than just point and shoot. Our maintenance squad knows how to avoid damage to the building, while getting the work done as quickly as possible. Save the weekend. Beautify your building. Call Dynamic Gutters and Exteriors today!

Gutter Cleaning

Scouring the web for the best gutter cleaning prices in Vancouver? Call Dynamic Gutters today for a free estimate!

Gutter cleaning is a necessary maintenance project every year. Leaves, dirt, and other forms of debris will build up over time to clog your gutters and downspouts if not properly maintained. It is recommended that homeowners without an exceptional leaf-guard system have their gutters cleaned twice a year.
During this time, the gutters can also be examined to ensure that further repairs are not necessary.

Capable homeowners may feel comfortable climbing onto their own roof to handle the necessary gutter cleaning, but not everyone is trained to see issues with their gutter system before they happen. Steep slopes on sections of the roof can also be a dangerous hazard for the inexperienced.

With Dynamic Gutters, our gutter cleaning prices come with a guarantee. Not only will we clean out dirt and debris from your gutters for a great price, but our experienced team will also be able to protect you by warning you of any foreseeable water leaks or damage.

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